Helpful Resources

Listed below are a number of books that you, your partner or your children may find helpful.

Family Relationships and Divorce

Families and How to Survive Them
Author/s: R Skynner and John Cleese
Published by: Cedar Books

Couples In Crisis
Author/s: Chris Belshaw and Michael Strutt
Published by: Cassell Illustrated

When Your Relationship Ends
Author/s: Dr Bruce Fisher, Dr Robert Alberti
Published by: Rebuilding Books

The Good Divorce
Author/s: Constance Ahrons Ph. D.
Published by: HarperCollins

The Unexpected Legacy Of Divorce
Author/s: Judith Wallerstein, Julia Lewis, Sandra Blakeslee
Published by: Fusion Press / Hyperion Books

Children and Parents

Dinosaur’s Divorce
Author/s: Laurene Krasny-Brown, Marc Brown
Published by: Little, Brown and Company

Caught In The Middle: Helping Children to Cope with Separation and Divorce
for parents to encourage awareness during divorce
Author/s: Anne Charlish
Published by: Cassell Illustrated

Divorce Helpbook For Kids
ideas to help children, before during and after divorce
Author/s: Cynthia MacGregor
Published by: Impact Publishers

Helping Children Cope With Divorce (Overcoming Common Problems)
advice for parents or anyone wanting to help a child through divorce

Author/s: Rosemary Wells
Published by: Sheldon Press

Breaking Even: Divorce, Your Children and You
an information and advice book for parents
Author/s: Jacqueline Burgoyne
Published by: Penguin Books

All of the above publications can be purchased through Amazon in the UK.