We’re thinking of living together and want some advice

If you’re thinking of living together, come and see us about your finances before you set up home. Our advice covers vital issues such as your property, matters affecting any children, pensions and any inheritance issues.

Despite popular belief there is no such thing as ‘common law marriage’ in England and Wales to protect you and ensure your future welfare should the relationship break-up. As living together without marriage is increasing, it is important for you as a couple – straight or gay – to be aware of your legal standing within the relationship and cover yourselves appropriately.

If you’re confused about any legal jargon or legal instruction, see our ‘Glossary of Divorce and Family Law Terms’ in our ‘Store Cupboard’. And for a practical guide, see Life After Divorce.

This is an online service for really straightforward divorces.
This is the simplest and most cost effective way to end your marriage or civil partnership where both of you agree. It provides the personal reassurance and support of a solicitor.
Four fixed price stages to help you reach a financial agreement for your life and future.