We want to protect our personal assets

It’s not just millionaire celebrities that need to protect themselves. A pre-marital agreement is worth having when considering tying the knot. Just like taking out holiday insurance, this too is a journey where we may consider protecting ourselves in case something unpleasant happens.

A pre-marital agreement is a financial settlement to protect each person’s welfare in case the marriage breaks-down. It is entered into before you marry. These agreements avoid the pain of having to go through financial matters at the time of break-up, when emotions could be running high and cloud issues.

Following a ruling form Britain’s highest court on 20th October 2010, the judges of the Supreme Court ruled that “decisive weight” should be given to agreements signed before marriage. Although the decision stops short of making marital agreements binding, the Supreme Court has given the most
categorical sign to date that marital agreements will be upheld by the Courts of England and Wales.

If you’re confused about any legal jargon or legal instruction, see our ‘Glossary of Divorce and Family Law Terms’ in our ‘Store Cupboard’. And for a practical guide, see Life After Divorce.

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