to Court

A handy flowchart to help decide your options

Parenting Plan

A helpful guide to help put your children first when separating

D.I.Y. Divorce?

In two minds whether to try to do your own divorce or with a solicitor? Discover the pros and the cons here.

Top tips for resolving conflict

See our top five tips for keeping the peace

Keeping legal costs to a minimum

Discover our top tips

Life After Divorce

A handy checklist to help you identify and resolve problems

Paying for your Divorce or Family Law case

Funding your case? Discover your options here

Schedule of Outgoings

A helpful Budget Planner to work out your income needs

Store Cupboard

If you have any questions related to Divorce or Family Law or feel unsure about the legal process, you’ll find a range of articles, downloads, information and guides prepared by our experts full of practical support and helpful advice. Below are some of our most popular guides.

This is an online service for really straightforward divorces.
This is the simplest and most cost effective way to end your marriage or civil partnership where both of you agree. It provides the personal reassurance and support of a solicitor.
Four fixed price stages to help you reach a financial agreement for your life and future.