What other people say about us

A small selection of kind comments shared by our clients and our third party colleagues.

” I have been pleased with the overall service and the service has been consistently good throughout.

I am likely to recommend March Solicitors to someone else if they needed legal help or advice.”

Mr J VDZ, Newbury


” A difficult situation was made easier by supportive, friendly staff who provided me with information that was easy to understand. I was kept up to date regularly.”

Mrs W S, Newbury


” My case was picked up after a disastrous experience with another form which cost me financially and emotionally. March Solicitors picked up the case and within a month had done more than my previous solicitor had in the preceding eight months. Without March Solicitors my outcome would have been a very different result. Thank you.”

JW, Newbury


” During the long process March Solicitors were very professional and were out to get the best result for me. I am very satisfied with the overall level of service I received.”

Mrs T I, Newbury


” I was very happy with my half price one hour consultation as it gave me a good understanding of the process. This initial meeting definately made my mind up that I had chosen the right firm to represent me. Many thanks.”

Mr T J, Newbury


” Thank you so much for your advice. At a time when I felt everything was stacked against me your advice empowered me and I am very grateful.”

Mrs J W, Lincoln


” We had a successful outcome in mediation, and I was very impressed with Marc when it came to negotiating a settlement. I was very happy with the fair outcome and the avoidance of lenghty court proceedings. I would recommend couples try this service as a first port of call.”

Mrs J H, Newbury


” I have worked with Marc on a number of cases over the years and been impressed with the variety of skills and qualities he brings to any case, he is strategic and thoughtful and tireless in the efforts he will make. He looks for compromise if it can be found but fights tenaciously if that is what is required. Above all else he thinks carefully about the team he puts together and makes sure everyone is working together to look after his client.”

Marcus Lazarides, Barrister, Queen Elizabeth Building Family Chambers


” Thank you for all your help with my divorce proceedings. I found you supportive and friendly. You provided me with realistic sound advice and all queries were answered promptly.”

Mrs P R, Hungerford


” I used March Solicitors sister service, Newbury Mediation to mediate our family law dispute. I found it a great service as it managed to pull us back from the very brink of a walkout, so I am happy. I would definately recommend this service!”

NJ, Newbury


” I separated 3 years ago from my long term partner when my daughter was 18 months old. I had problems with any kind of contact and then contacted Marc at March Solicitors. He guided me through the process of trying to gain more contact to my daughter, all the time advising me and supporting me.

In October 2012 we went to Court and won our case hands down. I now see my daughter regularly and can now be a proper Father. For this I truly thank Marc and his team for making my dream a reality.”

Mr J B, Crowthorne


” I was happy I used March Solicitors at a time when I needed good legal advice. All in all I was very satisfied with the overall level of service and would recommend them to someone else if they needed legal help or advice.”

Mr G R, Newbury


” I always found March Solicitors very professional, and helpful when things got unreasonable (from the other party). They kept the other party on their toes and always keep asking for their replies when not received!

I feel I must thank you for being understanding and getting the result that you achieved for me.

Thank you so much.”

Mrs L F, Newbury


” I thought the service provided was very good. You were helpful, efficient and trustworthy and I would not hesitate to approach you again if the need arose.”

Mr W J – Newbury, Berkshire


” It was lovely to come across a Solicitor that explained things so well and at the same time took into account what I wanted. I felt that you really listened to my wishes.”

Mrs A M – Thatcham, Berkshire


” My overall experience with March Solicitors has been very good. You did what you said and in the time you stated. I would be happy to recommend.”

Ms E P, Hungerford


” The service was professional, the process was smooth and I had no issues. It was also helpful having someone accessible on the phone to ask questions when needed. I am very happy with the service received.”

Mrs D C, Reading


” The service I received was very efficient, professional and supportive – without any of the stuffiness normally associated with law firms.

When I first engaged the services of March Solicitors I was still in shock from the breakdown of my marriage. Your firm provided a very clear path through the minefield of divorce, and the way in which my case was handled has allowed me to remain on speaking terms with my ex-husband.”

Mrs H B, Hungerford


” From the beginning, March Solicitors were informative, approachable and willing to answer any questions I had about the divorce process. I had been putting my divorce off because I was anxious about the cost and possible complications that it may involve. When I found March Solicitors on the internet and read about their fixed cost divorce service I thought I had found the jackpot. They were affordable and provided me with a service that was efficient, stressfree and reliable.

Now six months later, my divorce has gone through and I will recommend March Solicitors to anyone I meet who is looking to file for a divorce.

Thank you very much.

C S, Chichester


” Divorce is difficult. It requires skilled and timely professional handling, plus an understanding ear – qualities I found with March solicitors.

I found March Solicitors to be responsive and understanding, with obvious skill in interpreting and applying the law as it pertained to the facts of my case.”

Dr V E, Reading


” Marc Chaudhuri leading the team at March Solicitors has become well known for his one to one personal service and excellent client care. He is passionate about his work, sympathetic and understanding of his clients who often come to him at a distressing time in their lives. Marc and his team are always prepared to go the extra mile for their clients; every case whether big or small is given the same attention. Commendably, Marc is unafraid to give robust and realistic advice to his clients where needed to ensure as much as possible a successful result is achieved; this is always his guiding objective. He has quickly become a popular choice for many in his area and beyond. He is a real fighter and a pleasure always to work for.”

Saima Younis, Barrister, Queen Elizabeth Building Family Law Chambers


” I believe I received a good service at a good price.

I was kept informed of the progress of my case and my emails were answered quickly. I received a polite and friendly service.”

Mrs A L, West Yorkshire


” Thank you for your clear, professional, efficient and courteous service. I am very satisfied with the outcome and would reccomend your company.”

Mr M M, Chicago


” I have been very happy with the service you have given and the timescale was within what I expected. I will recommend you without a shadow of doubt to anyone that asks if I know of a good solicitor.”

Mr S T, Newbury


” I found Marc to be highly prefessional and humane at all times. During the circumstances I was very time concious and wanted to push proceedings through as quickly as possible, Marc gave me clear advise that this was not the correct path to take and to step away from the proceedings and allow them to take their own due course. Difficult advise to take but now having taken it I know it was the best advise and the outcome is as good as it could have been thanks to Marcs approach.”

SM, Newbury


” Dear All at March Solicitors,

I would like to thank your staff for their politeness and assistance; and a big thank you to you for making what has been an unsettling period that much easier with the complete service that you have provided. A totally professional service; I would gladly recommend anyone having to face this course of action to March Solicitors.

Your assistance in this matter has been very much appreciated.

Major P.S, Newport


” Dear All at March Solicitors,

I thank you so much for your help and understanding in this matter – a true success story!

May I thank you once again for your excellent service. I do hope never to need you again, but should I need a family solicitor, I would always recommend you.

Mr A D C, Hungerford


” Dear All at March Solicitors,

May I thank you for assisting and making the last six months run smoothly and efficiently in what has been a difficult period in my life.

With kind regards,”

Mrs F J, Newbury


” Marc represented me in a long, protracted and complicated divorce case. He dealt with my issues promptly and with enthusiasm and was always very supportive. His advice was well considered and his openness and flexibility in the way we interacted made the whole process a lot easier than it might have been. He helped keep me sane during an insane period which was much appreciated.”

Mr. H. – Andover


” Two years ago when my marriage ended acrimoniously, I needed legal advice and help and fortunately met Mr Chaudhuri.

Not having had to see a solicitor before I was extremely nervous, but Mr Chaudhuri put me at ease immediately and was always available to support me throughout the terrible time in my life, when everything seemed to be falling apart. His professionalism and friendliness made the whole legal process less daunting.”

Ms N, Berkshire


” Through what can only be described as the most stressful year of my life, I can say with conviction that Marc has demonstrated every attribute I required during this period, whilst representing me. My divorce was particularly intricate, due to the nature of personal and joint finances, with the added complication of the best interests for my two children. I found that he acted extremely professionally, with consummate care and attention to detail, whilst realizing and protecting the sanity of all. Thanks once again for a job very well done.”

Mr. S, Hungerford


” Dear March Solicitors,

Thank you for the excellent service to date, I really appreciate both the price and efficiency!

Mrs M P, Newbury


” Dear All at March Solicitors,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the work you have done for me over the past months. You have definately made my life a little bit easier through a quite demanding period.

So thank you once again.”

DH, Hastings


” Dear Marc

Thank you so much for your help during my divorce proceedings. When I first contemplated doing this online my friends were horrified and I was apprehensive but these misgivings proved groundless. You were approachable at all times – I enjoyed having the option to speak to you by phone – and your response to any query was instant. The cost was also appreciably less than the estimates given by my local law firm.

I am most grateful to you and would not hesitate to recommend both your firm and you personally in the matter of divorce.

Many thanks”

JL, Lincolnshire


” Just a note to thank you for the help and advice you have provided in this matter. It’s been a very strange time but made so much easier because of the smooth and sensitive way you have dealt with everything.

My earnest thanks and appreciation to you and your staff.

Mr S H, London E15


” Dear All,

I just wanted to express my deepest thanks to you for all your hard work and help in my divorce.

What was a very difficult time for me, was made alot easier by the way you handed my case. Everything was explained very clearly, the whole way through. You have provided an excellent and professional service.

I hope that I won’t need you anymore, however if the need arises, I will definately come back to you!

Best wishes for the future.”

TT, Newbury


” Hello Marc

Just to say thanks again to you and your company for a very professional, efficient and friendly service when dealing with my divorce case.

Best regards”

Mr. K. – Newbury


” Dear All,

I must thank you for your help over the last few months and will be recommending your superb service to others in my situation.

Thank you.”

Mr JW, Thatcham


” Dear All,

Thank you so much for your help. Having been recommended to March Solcitors, I confirm I would be happy to onward recommend as I have been very satisfied with the service I have received.

Best wishes,”

JB, Reading


” I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for a stress free and seamless service.

Mr S, Newport


” Many thanks for your assistance in this matter, I have been extremely happy with your service and would recommend your services.

Many thanks again”

Mrs C S, Stafford


” Dear All at March Solicitors,

Thank you for your professional and courteous attention during the last two years. I wish you and your practice well for the future.”

SN, Maidenhead


” Dear March Solicitors,

Many thanks for everything you have done. I am glad it is finally over and I can get on with my life again. The service you have given has been very good and I will recommend you to any one who asks in the same situation.”

JCT, Stafford

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